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Terrain mods, water mods, and the beach conundrum. Or "How I fixed my ugly beaches"
Feb 15 2015  So you've installed your shiny new terrain mod, a nice water mod for that tropical island (or whatever) look you're trying to re-create, and lo and behold! Beaches just SUCK.

Sound familiar? That happened to me recently and I've spend the past week fixing it.

Read on to discover how to make your shores look like a postcard from the Bahamas (or whatever).

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Building and Rendering SimCity (2013)
May 12 2013  

Building and Rendering SimCity By Ryan Ingram, Maxis Graphics Developer   Hi everyone – I’m Ryan Ingram, Graphics Developer on <...

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Cities XL basics
Nov 13 2011  Ok so you want to know the basic of Cities XL eh? Alright, let's get started by showing how to get started! When you start making a city, make sure you have lot's of resource...

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Interview with the Synekism Team
Jun 07 2012  

We had a chance to catch up with the guys behind Synekism, a city simulation game focused on dynamically generated content. Check out our last interview with them

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STEX 100,000,000 DLs mrbisonm Interview
Mar 03 2015  Thriving in the icy Quebec winters, we will be speaking with mrbisonm next. To borrow a bit from his own profile, mrbisonm is from Germany, passing through the Netherlands and Andorra on his way to his current home in Canada where he is currently surrounded by vast swaths of nature. On the game-relevant side, he has been uploading custom lots and BATs to Simtropolis for very nearly 12 years, adding to the variety of the game. Let's take a little while to get to know him a little better, shall we?