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Night Lighting for BATs

This tutorial will help you activate the night lights that come with certain BATs from the STEX. It has been discussed numerous times in the forums and its question comes up repeatedly: How do I get the night lighting to work? There are several steps to take and most of them involve downloading additional patches and tools which will allow you to install the BAT update that activates the lights. Please note that you will need to have Rush Hour or the Deluxe edition installed or it will not work at all.

*Please note, that if you do not want the SimCity 4 BAT installed, or have no intention of using it, simply download the BAT update. This will ultimately allow you to have nightlights in your cities. Be sure to use steps 1 and 4-5.

1. Patch your game
Go to http://www.ea.com/simcity-4-deluxe and download the Rush Hour/Deluxe edition patch for your game. Do not forget to select the correct patch for the territory you live in. After the update is downloaded, install it.

2. Install Gmax (optional)
To be able to install the BAT, you will need Gmax installed, so download Gmax for free here: http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax

3. Install the BAT (optional)
After Gmax is installed, you can install the Building Architect Tool (BAT) which can be found here: http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/download.php?file=303&go=1 When you have downloaded the file, install it.

4. Update the BAT
We are almost done. The last step to take is updating the BAT. You can find the update here: http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/download.php?file=307&go=1 Once more, download and install.

5. Completion
Once all of the above steps are completed start up your game. Open up a city that has downloaded BATs in it - which also have night lighting mind you - and run the simulation for a short time at day time. Then switch over to night time and if you installed everything correctly the night lighting should work.


gracias thanks this helped me
Updated with new links since the old trusted simcity.ea.com is no longer working and providing the downloads needed.
Thanks, great help.
still doesn-t work, but thanks for trying :(

Could it be that I made a mistake when choose not to instal the BAT but only the BAT update?
patch says invalid register entry nd m having simcity4 rush hour still bat says game is not installed
informative topic
wow this topic is from 2006 but the comments are from 2012 wow and people optional doesn't mean anything just install the whole enchillada
got my hopes up then. But it didn't work out
I've tried everything and still not working.
Deluxe Edition have, not the original, whether it might be a problem.
anyone know if he should say. THANKS IN ADVANCE .

sorry for my english

still doesn-t work, but thanks for trying :( Could it be that I made a mistake when choose not to instal the BAT but only the BAT update?

Vocar,vidim da si iz Srbije.Jel mozes da bi pomognes u vezi nocnog svetla.Sve sam probao i dalje ne radi.

If you only just want the Lights to work on BAT's

do step "One" then step "Four"

It should work

If it doesn't then oh well

thank you good reminder for those who are re-installing after 10 years
and have forgotten some of these things (me)

very strange becouse i can't download it

Does it work with pirated and cracked games? 

I did all the steps and everything including downloading and installing of the updates was fine.. later when i opened the game and went to my city and turned on night..