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Installing a Map Created by SC4Mapper

Installing a map created by SC4Mapper is quite different than creating a grayscale map image and installing it in SimCity 4. The following information details the necessary steps to install a map in SC4 that was created by SC4Mapper.

NOTE: File Format for SC4Mapper-Created Maps
The typical file type for SC4Mapper-created maps is a zip archive ( .ZIP ). These instructions assume that the map files are contained in a zipped archive.

Occasionally, a SC4Mapper -created map may only contain a .SC4M file (which is the file used by SC4Mapper). If a zipped archive is not the file type to download, ensure you download whatever files are available for the map and place them in the folder you designated for the map files (as shown in the below instructions).

1) On your computer, determine a folder location to which the map file will be downloaded.
2) Find a SC4Mapper created map to be downloaded by searching the STEX. Note the name of the map.
3) Click on the Download link of the map.
4) Click on the "Save" button.
5) Navigate to the folder location identified in Step 1), above then click the "Save" button.
6) In the folder location identified in Step 1), above open the zipped archive.
7) If the zipped archive contains folders, extract the files using the “Use folder names” option. Otherwise, just extract the files.
8) Navigate to your \My Documents\SimCity4\Regions folder and create a folder named the same as the downloaded map.
9) Copy the downloaded map’s config.bmp file into the newly named region folder.

NOTE: Concerning config.bmp Files.
If the map being dowloaded does not have a config.bmp file included, one must be created before installing the map. Please consult the Config.bmp: HowTo Make It Yours article for instructions on creating a config.bmp file.

10) Launch the SC4Mapper application.
11) From the Toolbar, click on the Create Region button.
12) From the "Do you want to create a region from?" prompt, click on the SC4M button.
13) From the "Choose a SC4M file" dialog box, navigate to the folder in Step 1), above.
14) Highlight the .SC4M file and either double-click on it or click on the Open button.
15) The .SC4M file will be imported into SC4Mapper and display on-screen in a 2D overview with city borders.
16) Click on the Save Region button.
17) In the "Region Name" dialog box, enter the name of the region you've downloaded and click the OK button.
18) Once the save is completed, click on the Quit button.
19) In the "SC4Mapper" dialog box, click on the Yes button to quit the application.
20) Open the newly created region.
21) The new region is displayed and colored as it was seen in SC4Mapper.
22) Open a city but DO NOT reconcile the edges.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT reconcile the edges.

23) The city will be displayed in SimCity 4 colors and terrains. The city is now ready for development.
24) Make sure to save the city before exiting it.
25) Repeat Steps 22) through Step 24) for each city in the map.

Note that the process explained in Step 22) through Step 24), above, can be done on each city during the same SimCity 4 session or be done on an “as you go / when ready” basis. Once all the cities have been rendered in SimCity4, the entire region will be displayed in SimCity colors and terrains and be ready for development.


Download Links ?
Mike the Mayor
Apr 14, 2012 - 11:24 AM
I've tried so many different ways to get this SC4Mapper to work and still doesn't. Can someone please help?
where do i find the sc4 mapper application?
and the download link?
Seems they forgot the link , try this one
what a mess to find this file its sposedly on this place >

Yet another login required to actually see and the page looks like it was made in 1980's -

http://sc4devotion.c...p?topic=10654.0 << where to download it from
Thanks for the tutorial, would not have known how to use the SC4 Mapper without your help. Thank you!

SC4Devotion is a horrible site. Complex password requirement? It's only for SimCity files and forums....sheesh!

sc4devotion is down... fml


looks like a Win7 client is out, need to compile it yourself with sc4devotion down...

how to get the .SC4M file? When i downloaded a map from STEX it always show .JPG or .PNG