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The Gmax Fundamentals Video Tutorials

The Gmax Fundamentals Video Tutorials

The BAT Fundamental video tutorial series consist of all the essential information new users to the BAT require. The videos contain explanations on the tools and modeling methods mentioned in the tutorial, while displaying visually how to apply each one.

The tutorials available and the topics they review are listed below.

 Gmax Fundamentals- Part 1: Overview


Video Length: 26:51 Minutes

The Tutorial Includes The Following Topics:

  • Settings- 1:00

  • Viewports- 2:16

  • View options- 5:07

  • Command Panel- 8:23

  • Creating objects, shapes, lights and helpers- 9:53

  • Repositioning Pivot- 12:11

  • Display Settings- 12:50

  • Utilities- 13:21

  • Preview- 14:18

  • Tab Panel- 14:30

  • Selecting- 15:00

  • Moving- 18:39

  • Rotating- 19:56

  • Scaling- 20:25

  • Centering- 21:15

  • Undo & Redo- 22:56

  • Grouping- 23:29

  • Hiding- 24:22

  • Copying- 25:00


BAT Fundamentals- Part 2: Functions, Operations and Techniques

    Video Length:  30:47 Minutes

    The Tutorial Includes The Following Topics:

    • Creating objects- 1:00

    • Editing Mesh- 3:00

    • Slice- 4:43

    • Lattice- 7:37

    • Boolean- 9:23

    • Creating shapes & splines- 11:22

    • Lathe- 13:51

    • Weld- 15:11

    • Loft- 16:28

    • Outline- 21:31

    • Extrude- 22:07

    • Modifiers- 22:32

    • Mirror- 24:09

    • Array- 25:44

    • Spacing- 28:02

    • Align- 29:10

        BAT Fundamentals- Part 3: Textures and Lighting

        Video Length:  27:13 Minutes

        The Tutorial Includes The Following Topics:

      • Applying Texture- 00:52

      • Opacity- 02:54

      • UVW Map- 04:03

      • SC4 Window Light Mapping- 08:13

      • Inner Lighting- 15:45

      • Spotlights- 21:59

*It is recommended to download the Gmax model for this tutorial.

        **Requires the Simtropolis Tools script


Sadly, the links and videos to this tutorial are lost to the ages. I've searched the web for these, but all other links to these elsewhere lead to spammy adult naughty sites. Kinda sad, because these tutorials would be an excellent jumping off point for new BATters...
I fixed the videos. They should play now. ;)

We're looking for the gmax model that was made in this video series. Has anyone downloaded it before and would be willing to share it with us? We would really appreciate it! Thanks! :|
Huh, I actually have a copy of that model! How would I go about sharing it with everyone?
Yunxaing - Thanks so much!!
Upload it to http://www.mediafire.com (or your file hosting site of choice) and we'll get it up on the ST Server. :thumb:
These are fantasitc tutorials, but I can't find anything on downloading the simtropolis tool you mentioned.

any suggestions?
{Simtropolis Tools V105}

Later on in that topic, Swat-Medic says that an updated V106 version is in the BAT4MAX as well. I don't know for sure since I don't use 3DSMAX yet.
*Thank you! 10/10*
Thank you for this series!

more action in a casket!!!


I think the links have gone to link hell!!

It's "radius" not "radii"

so sad to see the videos go :-(

These videos don't seem to work anymore, which is a shame. Anybody know of any other video tutorials?

cant believe I missed the train! can anyone bring them back?

Please update the video links, none of them work!!