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How to make a custom lot with the Lot Editor

How to make a custom lot with the Lot Editor

What you need:
Plugin Manager
Lot Editor Make sure you download all 3 files on the page.

1st: Open the SC4Bat.

Posted Image

Zoom in on the Top view in the Top-Left corner. Make a box that is very small.

Posted Image

See? Very Small.

#2: Click on the hammer button on the top-right corner of the right part of the screen. Click BAT>Quality(Select Draft)>Export. Make sure you save it as draft quality.

Posted Image Posted ImagePosted Image

Save it as anything you want but I will save it as project001. This is very helpful for later. After you press save it will show pictures of the little box in different zooms and angles. Do not X out of the box. When it is done it will tell you.

Posted Image

When this comes up press yes.

#3: Open the plugin manager

Find your item and drag it into the parks category.

Posted Image

Then follow the instructions in the following picture.
Posted Image

When you are done with that click Apply. Then close the Plugin Manager.

#4: Open the lot editor. When it asks you for a lot to edit, search pz1x1 and click the one selected in the picture.

Posted Image

Change the highlighted areas to 90 and 50.
Posted Image

Now delete all of the props by dragging a box over them on the right part of the screen. And change the base texture.

Posted Image Posted Image

Go to the building tab and press “replace item”. Find a select your building, I named it project001. Then put it in the back corner of your lot.

Posted Image

Now add props and trees and you're almost done!

Posted Image

Then click the Save As button and save your new park.

Posted Image

And that is how you make a custom lot using the lot editor! You can do this with other things like editing police stations or schools. Just drag your building into the right category in the plugin manager and open a building (in the lot editor) in the menu that you want your lot to show up in.

Have fun making parks and buildings!


thank you
Halen Of Dania
Sep 06, 2011 - 04:05 PM
well said :P
hmm can't seem to find this "replace building" which you speak of.
@fundevin: Go to the 'building' tab, and then look for the replace item above the replace family button. Can't miss it :)
Nice tutorial ^_^
i cant see the image which shows what to change to 90 and 50
i cant find the replace item button
Very helpful thank you x
Help! In the hammer panel, the BAT button is gone, it was just working.
Sorry everyone, I don't check this very much. If you have any questions please PM me. Thank you!
Fundevin: I Know it's been a long time since your post, but if you still haven't solved the problem I found the issue. I had the same problem as you. Your lot editor version is, that is the wrong version. there is a newer version who's zip file is installed with the BAT, then you need to unzip and install that one.On my computer it was dropped in C:\PROGRA~2\Maxis\SIMCIT~1\Apps. (this is where the sc4 exe file is installed) It's version number is

After installing this, the problem was gone
^I didn't know about this. Thank you, I will use this for others with the problem.
Where can I download plugin manager?
The link on this page is not working.

Where can I download plugin manager?

you can get it here: http://screwpile.wor...ex/maxis-files/
i do all steps correctly, now i have the .sc4Lot and .sc4Desc and the files are in the Plugins folder as the others but i cannot see in the game, not apear in any menu for build... HELP!!!
How do you make a (for example) a existing airport bigger in size? I have with 10 and depth 29 but I want 22x35. How do I change this??
you can change the lot's size from the 'Lot' tab in the Lot Editor where it states the Width and Depth of the lot
you'll have to add base textures, etc, to the new areas since they'll be blank.....it wont save without a complete base
The replace item button does not exist in my lot editor :-(

The replace item button does not exist in my lot editor :-(

Sorry found the update for lot editor in the comments... May I suggest that this article is updated so users know that they need SC4 Lot editor v1.0.12.0 for this to work as it was driving me crazy lol.
after i save my "project001" and put it in parks on the plugin manager, I cant find it in the lot editor

Hi, where can I get sc4bat and plugin manager? the link is not working


Also, if I already have 3dsmax, do i still need gmax?

Apr 30, 2013 - 09:04 AM

Did not know that the Lot Editor had a 'replace' option in it. I think mine is out of date.

While this tutorial is very much appreciated, some of the instructional photos are missing which makes this very incomplete. For example, what steps to follow in the second part of # 3 in the Plugin Manager? Can the author update this to include all of the photos?