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Wired.co.uk Tours Maxis Studios

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Normally, the "crunch" period prior to a video game's release is marked by stressed staff, panicked coders and a general sense of chaos. Yet for a developer about to launch its biggest title in years -- the March 2013 release date for the revamped SimCity fast approaching -- the Emeryville, California studios of creators Maxis were remarkably quiet when Wired.co.uk paid a visit.


Sorry about the image, it was supposed to be Wired's logo, it seems ST cropped it.
It's to bad all big companies (and even families) in the world think only in a 'problem-solving' way. Nowadays they (and 99% of the rest of the world) only see problems in front of them and if there are no problems, they just create a new problem to make life easier. Well, let me say this, i will never surrender to this insane ideology. I do not see work, family or anything else as a problem that needs to be solved.. I see (all things in) life as challenges and i'm the adventurer. Take the challenge and if something goes wrong.. well, there's still no problem because there IS no problem.

And about the guys working at Maxis, i just don't know all people but what i've seen from different movies it is more like 'casual' people are modeling the in-game art. The reason Simcity 4 still exist is because people toke the challenge to expand the game. To make it more realistic. Simcity 4 is STILL being sold. Even after 10 years! What game is still being sold and hugely played (single player!!)?

So i really hope, like what they did with Rush-Hour in SC4 that Maxis will focus on 'hard-core' players in the first patch so they can expand the game just like they did in SC4 but with better tools (and doorways into the game like scripting..).