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The beauty of SimCity is in the details.

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The first thing that an old-school SimCity fan is likely to notice about the series' upcoming revamp, due on PCs in February 2013, is the level of detail. This includes graphical detail for sure; cities are finally rendered in full 3D, and you can twist, pan, and zoom the view to your heart's content. The graphics system uses tilt-shift effects and saturated colors to make it seem like you're viewing a tiny, living model world, an impression that is only enhanced by the satisfying thunk and cloud of dust that comes from placing buildings and objects.


How is this NEWS??? seriously
Wow, EA sure gets beaten up in the comments.

Btw, the teaser featured here on Simtrop contains the worst and weakest arguments in terms of level of detail.
  • 3D or 2D? Nothing to do with detail.
  • Camera angles? No connection with detail.
  • Tilt-shift? If anything, it hides details due to the blur effect
  • Saturated colours? No relation to detail.
  • "Thunk and cloud of dust when placing objects"? Nothing new.
The true detail lies in the simulation, and the linked article covers that. So don't let the teaser deceive you. I think the article is quite good except for that stupid first paragraph.
I'm sort of worried at the lack of transit talk. What about mass transit and road options other than a simple curve that every other game does now? Everything is about multiplayer when in reality most of us want to hear about how WE as a single player can enhance (realistically) our cities. It's great that we get live feedback visually about things like fire and water, but will this game let us do all the things that sim city players have been asking for the last 10 years. I want to create a realistic city, not some model town that has to choose between being a tourist town or a manufacturing town. Most large cities have all of the above. So far this game looks like small towns put together in a region that seems cartoonish and that the overall goal is to make an airport.
A Nonny Moose
Jul 04, 2012 - 02:42 PM
Just because the graphics are slick and modern doesn't mean the simulation will be any better. It will be different, and that they have promised. Different is not always an improvement, and we have to wait and see. After all, the Titanic was different.

If all you want is fancy graphics, be my guest. It's your eighty bucks.