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SimCity release date revealed

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The release date for SimCity has been revealed and it is sooner than you think: February, 2013


I do believe that they are doing this way way too quickly...
A Nonny Moose
Jun 02, 2012 - 08:43 AM
They must have had a lot done at the time of the announcement. Ocean did say something about a 3 year history.

It will be interesting to see comments from the players when they get it.
And the release date is ?

And the release date is ?

February 2013, no exact day yet.
It wasn't an official statement, but I heard Feb. 22, 2013. Either way, can't wait!
I was hoping it'd be released on my birthday... SC4 was!
I'm not going to get too excited. From what I've seen so far it doesn't appear very impressive and there are too many unanswered questions and details and not enough time to make it ready for a 2/13 release.
I like it! Perfect birthday present for me!
If it actually is released in February, it will be too rushed. It will certainly have many compromises made and corners cut to reach a date in 8 months, where we have only just now seen actual in-game footage. I can only hope that when the date arrives, it will be delayed and pushed back a few more months, because that will then tell me they are taking the necessary time to do it right.
I agree. 7 months does not seem enough to make the game the Community has been requesting for nearly a decade.
However, we should be realistic. This game is obviously not for the hardcore player (like some of us in the community) but rather follow in the path of the re-lauch for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Hardcore players should not expect to get a better game then SC4. There is not enough demand for EA or any other developer to do so.