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SimCity E3 Gameplay Trailer

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Maxis' trailer for the new SimCity at EA's E3 presentation on June 4, 2012.


While I remain optimistic, I cannot even come close to saying anything concrete.

The presentation helps answer some questions, but leaves many unanswered and poses many others as well.

I don't want to make a city only to have my 'neighbour' unleash a dinosaur and destroy it.

I hope the Maxis Q&A will help explain some details.
The simulation aspect does look fanastic - but I'm still wary of the overall tone of the game (It looks like a visually underwhelming Fireman Sam, and all the cutesy oh look how fun you can plop skyscrapers as if you're holding them stuff is not condusive to serious gameplay)
Also jagged roads and enormous gaps between lots.
- SC 3000 + SC Societies + Cities XL = Simcity... ¿?
- Maxis lied, there are no curves... those are many streight roads turning in really obtuse angles....
sorry, but I gotta say this:
Jaime_ua: You can't have perfectly curvy roads. That is impossible with even the world's most powerful computer. If you know math, you know what I mean. Everything has to be straight lines. maybe more straight lines to create a more convincing curve, but even that would be too much a power drain on your computer.
The curves look fine to me:

Also remember it's still in development. They could be better by release time.
not impressed...no sign of anything other than various types of streets...where's the expressways? not enough here to overcome my complete and absolute hatred of the online requirement.
I think the reason that we haven't seen a freeway system yet is that they aren't done yet... At least that's my hope. If Maxis fails to include them that would be terrible.

Although I doubt freeways won't be included in the game. They've been in every subsequent release since Simcity 2000.
Eh, I would not be surprised if they pulled a Monte Cristo and made the Freeways a DLC pack.
Jun 04, 2012 - 07:44 PM
I have to believe that if freeways were important enough to the creators, they would have shown something... but I haven't seen so much as interchange... deal breaker for me...
I think they showed freeways, something similar to ground ones at least at 0:40. Yuk at the level intersection though.
They showed what looked like tram lines, no indication of them working though and it looks like the Street and RD-2 have been dropped and RD-4 is now the standard.
Anyone notice how the highway markings are reversed? Around 0:35 and several seconds after that, one can notice how the yellow inside lane markings are on the outside, as opposed to being closest to the median. I hope they don't forget little details like this, which really make the game.
Multiplayer Only? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Ok i'm play SC4 forever.
Too bad for SC4 (mod edition) conservatives...
You guys really are a miserable bunch.
The reason SC4 looks great today is because of the modding community. Originally SC4 looked very bland and repetitive.

To me this already looks very nice, so imagine with all the modding, how great it will look.

OK, I don't really like the multiplay concept of it, because for me creating a city is a very individualistic thing. But, on the other hand, it might be added value, we'll have to see. It is still a long way to go, and what we see now it not final yet. I'm glad there is a new simcity in the make, because upto a couple of months ago it was just a dream... ;-)
jdenm8, yes, I am dissapointed in not seeing any streets and two lane roads.
Actually the french site with the 12 images has two lanes roads/streets.
I am so very disappointed. After a decade of waiting i wanted to be blown away by the graphics and yet so underwhelming and cartoonish. The people who played the original simcity 20 years ago are now 20 years older and we all want a more mature game. The simulation i have no problems with it sounds great, but why the ploppable buildings. WHY! and why the childish graphics. the computers we have today are 64 times more powerful then the computer at release of SC4. Its maddening . we should have massive urban centers sprawled across regions not a medium sized city tile filled with cartoonish towers, and all of this should be near photo realistic, thats the processing power we have today. (sigh of sadness)
Damn, nothing but comments from spoiled cry babies with loads of unfounded assumptions. I think this looks like a blast.
I think many of you are forgetting that this is SIM city, not photorealistic city. They arleady dded alot of features I wanted to see after the release of SC4. Coal as a resource for one. But wether it looks cartoony or not... they want to make it look like a city that you made in a pertidish and looking at with a microscope. That is the idea behind the game in general and they got that done prettywell.

i'd love to see more use of textures tho, this is a bit TOO cartoony
For those trolls who complain about "cartoon look": A photorealistic Simcity will be extremely expensive and require even more expensive software and hardware. The result? More complains for high prices and demands! And you're talking about a game that it's still under development and it will be for the next 8 months. You guys make me sick.

If you don't like something, no matter what, go away and don't look back. Trolling is not recommend ;)
I completely agree with Terring. Although the game could still use some work, and there are some generally unrealistic aspects (such as the airport or the messed up highway textures), this new simcity can still go far with the SUPPORT of the modding community.

Also, Terring, I believe your use of "troll" is incorrect. :P
1:06 Where godzilla is, 'Images not representative of actual gameplay'. Guys, chill..... They still have 9 months you know
There is no sense in trying to persuade haters.