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Simcity Disasters trailer released

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EA released there Simcity disasters trailer today showcasing the tornado, earthquake, meteors and UFOs. They also explain what means to use to avoid further damage after the disasters have taken place in the form of a 1970's educational video. Enjoy!


Fun video.
The video is nicely presented, the disasters look more or less nice, the aftermath looks horrible. How has this game come to the point that not do only disasters destroy your city, but also leave a pile of terrible-looking black tiles behind? Besides, maybe I'm not well informed, but I get the feeling that with the whole online thing and all, these things are not going to be optional. Bah.

Good one! :lol: :lol: :thumb:
Obviously they're not finished, but yeah, the aftermaths for the disasters doesn't look great. I'm sure they'll work on it though. ;)
don't care about disasters...has anyone gotten confirmation that you'll be able to turn them off?
Awesome video, and the disasters don't look too bad. I hope they can be turned off though.
Only 4? WTH?! Where's the monster? Where are the robot attacks? The riots?
In the video it says that these are user made city's. Has the beta started?
Also it seems that roads are unaffected by disasters and there are no more crators or visible effects of disasters on the landscape either (except on buildings)
Couple of things:
- black tiles aftermath was in SC4 more or less, same for uneffected roads.
- They metnioned somewhere, 4 disasters with more to come. I have a bad DLC feeling about that tho. The monster was introduced in the 1st trailer so its bound to be in there (actual gameplay footage stamp)
- Beta to public has not yet started. Most game companies bring in family members of the developers for the 1st beta testings.
is anyone else disappointed by how there are no tall skyscrapers? seems like none of them are more than maybe 450 ft
I'm sort of diappoointed by the realistic laser that the UFO uses. I mean, what happened to the "Independence Day" type of Alien Destruction beam? And the way the building sags is really unrealistic. Not to be too negative with beta software, but it still seems a little disappointing, especially given the potential that the glassbox engine has.