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Sim city 2013 will support mods. just not at launch

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Sim city 2013 or sim city 5 will support mods. Just Not at launch. The Team at maxis stated that the ability to support mods in built into the glassbox engine. But because Maxis is working hard at making sim city 5. They won't start to think about mods just yet.
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wow... they really are listening to the fans... /sarcasm

Maxis you are out of your own feet to shot at. From what I have seen so far, the future mods won't even be able to do much since it has to be equal to the rest of the world, even in single player mode.
This is old news.

rctshack: SC4 didn't have modding support at launch either. It's too early to start speculating about what we will be able to do with mods. Just be patient.
SimCity Societies had mods too...you could change the colors of existing models and the characteristics of existing models!
I remain unconvinced...particularly with everything else that's wrong with this game.
not to mention this article is from March...
now they just need to make it worth playing
This article is from March....why do we allow these news articles to get posted again?
On another forum I frequent you nee to be on staff to post news. And for good reason, too.
Me thinks it be best to see how SC5 launches, crashes.... re-launches, then butt-rapes all us fanatics, then we should let loose with the simmering EA hate :)
I'm assuming it's being posted again because despite the fact they have confirmed modding many times now, there are still members here under the impression there is no mods. I run into someone at least once a week here claiming there is no modding.
unbelievable. an article dated back in March.

Seriously, it's like some people forgot that SimCity 4 launched without mods.
EA will have to reduce the price before I buy it.

I mean £65 just to get the British City Set, despite living in the UK... surely they could've gave us Brits the British City Set and put a US City Set in the Deluxe Edition...

Plus I'd like some proper gameplay screenshots, so I can see the interface, what things look like, etc...
SC4 had no modding possibility at launch, but times were different. Today it is inconceivable a game like Simcity not have a good support for mods early on.
I think this should be a no brainer. This can be true for many games. The developers just want to get a functional game that people can get comfortable with, because, you know, debt, for some reason, runs the world. I doubt there would be mod capabilities that can interfere with the economy. The same type of modding programs they built into the game. Examples like the lot editor and then the BAT, going through gmax.

I am sure they would love to make that possible so we improve textures, and actually produce a new police station or school.

I know why subways are not included, or has that been confirm?

Considering the size of the map, I can see why they might not include subways, combined with the fact that the region layout is terrible.

Unless there are tiles that can be bought up later, to expand a city.

Ah.. a possibility for an expansion... but unlikely.

It would become more of a strategy game then. Like take Civ V's cities. They have a region, but being a more localized region where cities merge like the Tri-city area in Ontario, or multiple combined cities of the GTA, and even the Horseshoe area around lake Ontario. Simicity 4 had the beginning of that. Restrict initial city location, and have the city grow into the region, or have multiple players up to sixteen people. The pre-marked high-ways on the map are okay. Just make them like real highways. Or at least make that moddable. "Works of art" Sound like another strategy game element. Can it only be possible to build only one airport in the region, or can more be built?

This must be the famous line "dumbing it down". The region design has been destroyed since SC4.

So much potential. I like the game so much, but I will wait for the bargain bin (sales). I will determine it's value when I buy it. Will it be 10%, 25%, 33%, 50% or more off. I might be at the 50% off right now, since, well, that's what people who sit on the fence do. I will twiddle my thumbs speculating, hoping, informing, and feeling my way to a just on price. Excitable pace. Bought Civ V at full price, but I got the rest of the DLC on mega deals. I pre-ordered Skyrim, loved it, not disappointed, dislike the image of the end vampire morph, so I am waiting till a mod changes it into something more, and the cost I will pay for such a hideous, and (is it still?) glitched model.
I can understand mods not being available right away. It makes sense to put the game out and get the reaction of the unmodded creation first. As for modding later, If EA says there will be then I feel certain there will be, but my question is who will be allowed to mod and how much $ will EA charge. Like I have said before in other posts, when they look at these fan sites I'm sure EA sees missed sales.

I'm not entirely opposed to them charging a small fee say every six months or year IF they provide a good quantity of quality content for the charge. They go nickel and dimeing everyone they may find sales drying up.

All this is mute for me anyway as I don't intend to buy the game since it requires an online connection and I wouldn't buy it if I had the best and fastest connection on the planet. If I can't play offline I'm not interested, and as I said before, I don't like the looks of the new game. Reminds me too much of Societies and the difficulty I had planning because of building size etc. Modding cannot overcome what is wrong with Sim City 2013.
For myself I am not getting to excited about sc5. One could read all kinds of things between the lines. The good, the bad and the disgusting. So I am sitting back and taking the wait and see process.
I'm glad they are considering modding at all. They could have quite easily have said because the game is kinda multiplayer all the time, we will just not bother with modding completely.

I don't want someone to create a cheat mod that gives them unlimited oil or something and then affect the global market and affect my playing unreasonably.

There was no SC4 beta, but there is a beta for this, so many of the type of bugs that shipped with SC4 and had to be fixed by modding, will be fixed before release.

Also there is the in game lot editor, to slightly offset the lack of initial modding.

You can't compare a 2012 shooting game with a 2003 shooting game, because the genre has advanced. But city simulators have been pretty stagnant.
ya, its pretty easy to say that they might support mods but not at launch... this game is still online only and a big part of it will actually run on EA's servers.it will be interesting to see how mod support turns out with all this cloud only thingy

its kinda sad how they see the modding community... saying they "remade" the game and essentially turn it into a "hoby", to me, this is like disconsidering all what has been done after they where finished with the game, ignoring the community's contribution.

I know of no other game that has such a large bank of custom content available and it makes possibilities almost infinite. they should have been inspired by all this available content.

instead, they shrunk the maximum size of the cities, they dumbed down the whole network system, they "cartooned" the art style, when we where all used to the super realistic style of sc4 and loving it... they made it a mutiplayer only... i mean come on! why this slap on our faces?

the only thing i'm actually interested in is the refined simulation... but whats the point in simulating 10k sims when you could have millions in sc4?

i was so excited about this game but every announcement maxis makes just brings my hopes down every time. seriously thinking of waiting a few years until they release the custom content dev kit.... and see if the online only restriction holds up

oh and by the way, Bethesda released their dev kit a few months after they released Skyrim and they didn't think they'll lose any sales with DLC, business plans are necessary but when you piss off most of your hardcore fans, THAT HURTS SALES! EA should know that more than everyone else
I'm not sure Maxis has guaranteed any kind of mod support, if you read this article carefully it only states that:
1. "Maxis will not launch the new SimCity in 2013 with mod support"
2. That "it's not entirely off the table" and that the "ability to support mods is already built into GlassBox"; and
3. That "there's potential for mod support down the road"

In other words, all that Maxis guarantees is that there will be NO Mod support at launch and that they may potentially provide support for mods sometime in the future since that ability is built in to Glassbox.

Given the cloud nature of the application, I can't see how they could support any substantive mod support in the future - Where do you store the data for your mod? How can a mod really modify gameplay when each player is so reliant on other player's behaviors within the cloud (I think this question has already been posited).
Sep 03, 2012 - 07:49 AM
This was March, and given all the crap that they let out, I fear it may be scrapped entirely--remember the Cities Unlimited promises?