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Sim City 2013 - The Official Trailer!

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The official trailer, initially shown at the E3 conference live on June 4th 2012, is here for you to see!


My reaction to SimCity's EA presentation: http://community.sim...2/#entry1251682
Wow... that looks amazing. I wonder how hard it'll kill my machine though.
Halen Of Dania
Jun 04, 2012 - 03:54 PM
Thanks for sharing !
I still like it! The simple colours gives this game an "ikea" style.
But this video shows something I think is well enough proved: Maxis does not know how to make a realistic airport.
A model train set!!
Can't wait!
It gives me that Simcity 3000 feeling.

Anyways... trams!!!

Hate the airport.. they never get those right.
A Nonny Moose
Jun 05, 2012 - 11:54 AM
Somehow, despite the modern graphics, it reminds me of SC3K, and seems less than SC4. Rather aimed at a much younger crowd, I think.
Can maxis never get the airports down?
Maxis! PLEEEASE BUILD A GOOD AIRPORT FOR ONCE! If you don't, my attitude may look like my avatar...
Pretty good graphic-wise although there's obviously some polishing to do still.
Honestly, I couldn't care less about it if the game mechanics do not work properly.
LOL The Airport...... :P
well if this fails to impress me at least i still have my sc4 and hey lol if we could get stuff from it into sc4 imagine how much better sc4 would be oo