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Popping The Bubble: Exploring SimCity World

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An article explains more about SimCity World and its features. Information on the Global Market will be released this Friday.


Can't they come up with more original names and ideas? I mean, Citylog is just a tad ripped off of Battlelog, and it sounds like the content available there won't be that much different either. Battlelog, which Citylog is obviously ripped off of, is for designed for a competitive game (BF3). Who would ever want city-building to be competitive and stat-based? A lot of people prefer to take a break from those sorts of games and relax in their own little world in Sim City. This "feature" has killed one of the core values of Sim City.
I couldnt' agree with you more Bipin.

I don't want to compete when I'm playing Simcity. I'm hoping there would be an option to shut of participation in the leaderboards or whatever. Those who want to compete can compete, those who don't won't have to.
What you said about being "forced to compete" sums it up. It's like going to a hockey arena, you're skating with your family then all of a sudden the professional playing in the adjacent rink pulls you over and makes you play a semi-finals game with them.
Aug 21, 2012 - 02:37 PM
Haven't you two already said you're not going to support the game? Why continue to post comments or stay active?
Basicly what this leaderboard thing will do is get ppl to make a grid city with as much casino's on the tile. Yeah thats real Simcity like -_-
I'm just hoping that a clause thus be present in the EULA,

"We guarantee a full refund of what you paid for simcity if our servers are disconnected and we can not provide the patch to play stand-alone."

, then I run to book the game!! hihihi

Haven't you two already said you're not going to support the game?

No. Not myself anyways.
pushing the multiplayer crap as if that's going to satisfy everyone who's angry about what they're dumping to facilitateit.
it really does not sound like there will be much of a chance for user created content. All our great builders of Simtropolis will be out of work. But simcity 4 will live on and the content for that will be created.

I hope i get the Beta so I can determine what I should do.
As much I try to be optimisitc about this new Simcity, I feel like that EA/Maxis is forcing a competitive multiplayer and a Simville environment down our throats.
I like the idea of co-op, maybe I supply my friend's city with commerce, in exchange for raw materials, etc...but if I can play with my friends, and not be assigned a random region on a random server with random peeps. But the big thing I get from this article, is that SimCity is no longer sandbox based. Meaning that if our region is assigned a goal, as much as i want to greenify my downtown (main street look)....this takes a backseat to doing something, that maybe i don't want to, or may not be equipped enough (resources, etc..) to do. I can see people getting booted off their respective regions, because they can't produce "x" results in "y" amount of time. Why does it all have to be cutthroat competitive all the time??? This reeks of the Zynga model, where if you don't pay to play, or play the little minigames they say you "must play"... you are left out. So in this case you will end up with tightly controlled blocs of players, perhaps with the Tokyos and New Yorks and Londons of the game world, while the nonconformists or pro-soloists, can't build up better than a shantytown. I don't think its an improper question, and it requires a straightforward answer.

I wonder, if say my region (friends) don't play by EA/Maxis' timetable on the minigames (I hate that concept in gaming now..), we don't get the perks. But will those perks eventually be available to us by sake of longevity?? Like ancient rome gets nuclear power...and athens doesn't. But fast forward a few thousand game years, shouldn't then athens develop the tech to go nuclear too? Or will they be punished or excluded by not playing the stupid mini challenges? Maybe its a bad example, its late, but this form-based play is not what I think of for SimCity.
I never said that either. I said I'm going to wait and see after the realease before I make a descision.
Aug 22, 2012 - 08:08 AM
Sorry guys! I thought you were from the abandonment camp. (Bipin & baertooth). I too would be curious about the beta and if anyone here has played it.
Guys just stop this argument
Aug 23, 2012 - 02:21 PM
Although I feel pretty negatively about SC2013, I'm holding out for two things:
1. post-release patches that add back in single player, or mods or something
2. see what the beta players think

Guys just stop this argument

Relatively respectful arguments generate good questions and inquires. I see no reason for anyone to end this debate, save for excessive swearing or uncalled for comments, none of which have happened.