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Maxis Will be Answering the "Best and Hardest Questions" About SimCity

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In a new article released today on the official SimCity website, Maxis does two things: 1) Advertise for SimCity Social, but more importantly, 2) Announce they will be giving us the opportunity to "the best (and yes, some of the hardest questions)" about the new SimCity. After the chat session with Kip that was considered a disappointment by many, Maxis will supposedly answer our most burning questions. As a community, we can ask the questions that have been unanswered by Maxis and recieve more info on SimCity. Let's start asking!


I really wonder if our comments will make much difference. Content always seems irrelevant to marketing people. It is all about selling the sizzle rather than the steak.
Yeah; I'm wondering the same thing. It's worth a try, though.
How will cities line up? Will regions be like in The Sims 3? How will highways work? Will there even be highways? What is Quantum?
I have a bunch of questions for them but honestly I highly doubt it'll matter even if they read them.

What is Quantum?

This whole "quantum" business was just someone here on the forums being funny, in response to some way-too-early specific questions about transportation networks.
i dont have a EA/Origin account (as yet) so i can't/won't bother to ask them a question on their site, but if i could, i would ask them this:

q: would you please do a Q and A on simtropolis the world's biggest SC4 fan forum?
Jul 04, 2012 - 04:19 AM
I want to know when they will answering the Best and Hardest questions... because I think I may have missed something in this peticular column... Lots of good questions and no answers ...
I have two burning questions:

- Can I build highways in my city with intersections, ramps bridges, etc?
So not for conecting my city but for traffic in the city.
- Will there be one-way streets/roads?

There won't be any answers because EA really doesn't give a ****. All they are interested in is making the next buck and whatever they do give will only be a repeat of answers they've given before.
A Nonny Moose
Jul 04, 2012 - 02:50 PM
Whoever takes part in this "chat" from Maxis will simply spout the "party line" as dictated by their management. Remember, all these guys would like to keep their jobs, and times are a little on the tough side right now.

The only way to find out anythng about this new program is to run it. Computers don't lie, but marketing people spin.
A really big and fun part in simcity is tweaking your transportation network and managing traffic. we saw some amazing mods created by the sc4 modding community that made that aspect of the game even more fun and complex, giving us more possibilities with new transit systems.

trams on road, high speed trains, real highways, large hubs connecting trains, subs, ELR... im talking about the NAM and all the sub-mods that where developed around it. without those i just feel simcity lacks depth and fails to explore a really important and fun dimension of the game.

I guess my question would be:

did the modding community of simcity 4 influence in some way the content of the new game, and what can we expect to see implemented that was inspired by the work of simcity 4 modders?
does anyone have a link where any of those questions where answered?

I really wonder if our comments will make much difference. Content always seems irrelevant to marketing people. It is all about selling the sizzle rather than the steak.

I thought I smelt Black Angus... They sold me a steak, and it was GOOOUUD!


Anyway, it doesn't bother me... That's the whole reason they need marketing, if you didn't have that, no one would know the game exists at all!