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Inside the GlassBox: SimCity's Fire System

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Part 4, Scenario 3.
When we were designing the fire system, we wanted to make sure it was satisfying for both types of players. If you want to protect your city, then you have many options. Of course, your primary line of defense is a fire station. Like most of the civic buildings in the city, your fire station is composed of multiple parts: garages, fire trucks, dispatch towers, hazmat vehicles, helicopters and more.
By Stone Librande, SimCity Lead Designer
Read More: http://www.simcity.c...-fire-or-did-we

Note: Engine tech demo video originally presented at the 2012 GDC.


I hope they don't overdo it with the fires... that video made it look way to easy to just ruin your entire game. But at least we won't have to manually dispatch fire trucks, that was one of the most annoying and unrealistic things in SC4 and SCS.
I wonder if they will have different graphics for different fires. A house fire looks way different than a nuclear plant melting down, or a chemical plant catching ablaze...each of these requires a specific emergency response....I wonder how these will be represented in-game. Also, the first responders' vehicles will be hindered by traffic density, but at the site of the blaze (say a street, or road...) will there be simulated traffic jams to denote closed streets, or reduced lanes....while they fight the fire?
Wasn't this already shown in the longer video?
I think the real treasure in this video is how much detail is going into each building. The fact that the building material is even considered just goes to show how deep this game will be. +1 Maxis
True, but that amount of detail can limit the expansion capacity (i.e. a metropolis). We also have no information on how much it taxes on computer resources.
We can extrapolate that that amount of detail can only be supported by on-line allocation of the material which raises a whole lot of questions.