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Inside the Glassbox: Exclusive videos and information

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GDC 2012 - Developers Conference in San Francisco

Sim City: Inside the Glassbox - Exclusive videos and information about the building game

SimCity meets Maxis developers as part of GDC 2012 in San Francisco. Part of the speech gave insights into the simulations, and a video runthrough. The engine is named Glassbox and is both highly scalable and amazingly simple - and it was designed from the outset with an eye on the online functionality.

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Posted ImageMaxis developer Ocean Quigley, Dan Moskowitz and Andrew Willmott (from left to right) [Source: view picture gallery]

The three-Sim City developer Ocean Quigley, Andrew Willmott and Dan Moskowitz explained by Maxis, in front of a professional audience at GDC 2012, the simulation system behind Sim City. Unlike previous incarnations of Sim City, Maxis developers have switched to a data-based model rather than a statistical basis. The reason for this,is that availability in the PC computing power has increased dramatically, so this approach has become possible, while improving the scalability across multiple CPU cores, and other resources - there have and will be more updates over the Internet, for example, but they are much smaller. In addition, the statistical method will increase the systems difficulty as the player progresses through the game . With the new data-based simulation system, we can be prepared for the future - as well as internal simulations of worst-case cities result could. Maxis have developed the whole game from the outset with an eye on the online business, Ocean Quigley stated at the GDC 2012: "We're fully compliant Internet Buzzword" he said with a grin.
It was necessary, although Maxis is still a studio focused on the PC to adapt to the age of the Internet and the PC remotes. So this does not mean per se, but that appears to Sim City 2013, for systems other than the PC. Against the sale in a retail package and a classic, two add-ons you put the gradual upgrade and thus a downloadable gameplay (DLG Downloadable game play).

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Posted Imagegdc 2012 maxis sim city san francisco inside the Glassbox 11The simulations run in Sim City, within a box that could be nested virtually anywhere - even across multiple computers. Resources, units, maps and global standards will in conjunction with certain rules of a simulation . A few examples are available online on the question of whether a mod for Simcity 2013 is needed. The final question-and-answer session was rather evasive - they would not promise anything officially until it has was announced. It was but one detail that the still existing popularity of Sim City 4 in no small part to the community and the mods was due. The Glassbox engine was created from scratch to be modified, the developer Maxis, in addition, it was nebulous:

"Apart from that, we have not announced anything."

The launch trailer and exclusive facts about the gameplay of Sim City, we have been in a special message brought to you online.


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Jun 15, 2012 - 05:18 PM
old news
schokoladeneis 1
Jun 15, 2012 - 06:23 PM
for me it's new news. I didn't know that you can terraform your own maps and place ressources like forests or coal yourself.
& it's possible to build on "complete Regions" and/or only random chosen "City-tiles/areas".
in all honesty, i think they are avoiding us, yet at the same time acknowledging us.

they are avoid the heavy hitting questions, the ones that only the community would ask, for that would reveal too much... more than they want to release at this time.
A Nonny Moose
Jun 16, 2012 - 08:32 AM
Article posted twice. Mr. Editor, please.

Article posted twice. Mr. Editor, please.

Unlike before, the mods do not care about this kind of things anymore..

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