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Data Maps in SimCity, Pt.2

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A brand new explanation to the data in SC2013. Shows how data was used in previous SimCities and how it will be used now. :)


The third picture looks like it's during gameplay!
Yeah, one of them is SC2013.
Where's the image/URL for the explanation??
Interesting. But one problem we (and I personally) had with SimCity 4 was that the information or 'Data' was not specific enough. That would be particular notorious when building a transit system. This problem was later addressed by the NAM Team that did their best to go around the limitations of moding.
This being said, I want to point out that even SimCity 4 was lacking in accurate data and, seeing that the trend now is to oversimplify thing I feel there might be an even greater loss when information and systems are either oversimplified (he talked about power distribution which is by no means as easy as plopping a power station and see the power go through power lines) or simply not there.
i need a city builder rather than cheep simulator
Here's Part 1 for those who missed it.

i need a city builder rather than cheep simulator

You do realize that this is a gaming site, don't you? Not a construction company...