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College Humour - Video on Sim City

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College Humour - Sim City Mayor
Vote or die. Literally.
Super Funny Mayorial Campaign Advertisment (as a sim city mayor)

From the video description:
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lol this is so old, but so awesome.
i like how at the start of the video, it has a screenshot of cities xl.

this is just about a year and 1/2 years old now :P
So thats why there are no elections in simcity!
'He built it, he can destroy it.'
Gizza Dah Kidd
May 26, 2012 - 12:32 PM
This is mad old but hilarious lol.
old and not even news but it is funny
thats pretty good- Love how he distroys the house in the end. :rofl:
I've know about this video for months, but It's pretty funny. Glad it got on the news so more people can see it.
This is an old video and was news back when it came out...BUT this is still funny.