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Windows 8 arrives amid serious concerns from PC game devs

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What will happen with portals DRM with the arrival of Windows 8? .... especially those expecting monetize their products through the online requirement.

Does the spell will turn against the magician?
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ahh its the end of pc gaming as we know it....

That's why we have Linux.
Looks like Touhou 13.5 will be the last PC game...
Well, at least we'll be laughing in their faces with our superior, non-DRM, offline games like Sim City 4 when there's a major server crash. ;-) Nothing will ever compare to these less complex, less "socially connected", and non-DRM games of the last decade and before.

That's why we have Linux.

At least the Valve is already thinking about it ..

On Valve’s interest in Linux

“The big problem that is holding back Linux is games. People don’t realize how critical games are in driving consumer purchasing behavior.

source:Valve’s Gabe Newell on the Future of Games, Wearable Computers, Windows 8 and More
A Nonny Moose
Oct 29, 2012 - 12:51 PM
As a long-time Linux user, I am rather hoping that some of the nicer games will arrive as native mode Linux-supported games. The basic problem in the past is that the universe of discourse with Linux has been "confined" to the academic world. It is time for the coming-out party (it could hardly be called a debutante ball).

It may well be that Microsoft has just shot themselves in the foot. I thought the Europeans had taught them their lesson over internet Explorer, but they are apparently having a go at this again.
Meh I'll stay with Windows 7. It works.
Yeah, Windows 7 works great so I'm staying with it for the foreseeable future. All I ask for is a stable OS to act as a platform for my games. Windows 7 delivers in that respect.
I use win7 x64 and so far have had no issues with it. It will play just about any game I can throw at it. I think the world of gaming has been slowly changing and it is just recently that it is showing up in the news. Portable gaming is getting to be the rage. You can play games on your tab or smart phone anywhere you are at. These games are the casual games, but it seem that is what is wanted. Lets face it, when the captain turns off the seat belt sign and then everyone pulls out there tab or phone and commences to play. The way of the future in games is coming and is here.