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The New Real Highway (RHW) Interchange Guide!

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At last, the new Real Highway (RHW) Interchange Guide board has been completed! All RHW interchange tutorials throughout the SimCity 4 community can be found there.

Each guide has been indexed by type, and organized in a way that it is easily accessible from the table of contents.


For those who are new to the RHW Interchange Guide, or do now know what it is, here is a brief introduction:

With the release of RHW 3.0 (and subsequent releases), there is virtually an infinite number of ways you can construct your highways and interchanges. However, this is not a simple task, and takes quite a bit of getting used to. Many folks have looked at several pictures of RHW interchanges and asked "whoa! How'd you do that?" and have tried to construct something similar themselves, sometimes with much difficulty that eventually causes them to give up.

This guide will show examples of various interchange types and will describe how they were made. Feel free to ask questions after a guide has been posted if you are having difficulty. I will attempt to show how to construct these interchanges as simple as possible, using only the necessary downloads.

If you'd like to submit your own guides to this thread, please post your guide in the submissions thread to have it reviewed. Also be sure to follow the format set up in previous guides. Thanks!


Wow, what an impressive collection of tutorials! I admire the patience and diligence you must have invested into this guide to put it all together. I havn't used the RHW so far (too small region, no use for highway), but now I know a good place to get some inspiration. Thank you very much! :)
Thanks! I've been working on the project since late 2008 and it has indeed been a large undertaking. Things were getting a little cluttered and unorganized, but this new board aims to fix that.

By the way, if anyone has requests or submissions, feel free to send me a PM or use the 'interchange guide submissions' thread which is pinned at the top of the board.
I don't know why would u cover half of the map to build an interchange. I use Maxis highway and I think, along with its interchanges, it's realistic enough.

Good tutorial, nonetheless!
@ BelgradeSim: To each their own. It's crazy but building an interchange realistically does in fact cover a lot of ground. There are ways to save space, and each new discovery and RHW release helps decrease size and increase the number of possible creations.

There are ways to make Maxis Highways look good, but if you're going for realism, RHW is the way to go!
This is great!
By the way I'm always looking for help expanding the RHW Interchange guide. If you want to make a tutorial, send me a PM or post in the Interchange Submissions thread.

Once it's reviewed and approved, it will go the respective section.