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Simcity To Include Cloud Storage For Cities, Online Play.

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The upcoming SimCity title has been well publicized by Maxis and EA, giving fans the opportunity to see several developer diaries of how each part of the game will work. Videos mentioning the SimCity RCI interaction (sort of the economic cycle) as well as the agents and events based simulation model have been interesting views.


I don't think the author of that puff piece has even played SimCity in his life
Its not like any of this information is new either. Just another "it isn't DRM, its a feature!" article.
Jul 21, 2012 - 05:23 AM
lol, notthing new, it was just the answers maxi gaved on the Q % A post.
i see both good and bad things with this thought...
pros is we could wipe our hardrives reinstall and still have our cities....

cons, i could see ea taxing us, its free, but if you want to have more than 2gb worth of cities, $$$....
This community has been around for nearly ten years, run by devoted fans. What happens in five years, when EA's interest is on something else and they start neglecting their hosting of the cloud cities? Or worse, just turn it off.
They've also said it you lose connection while playing, then you can still carry on playing.
can we lock the news page so they have to submit them to mods first? leave it for fresh news only with something to offer

can we lock the news page so they have to submit them to mods first? leave it for fresh news only with something to offer

I actually agree here. There's a lot of too much redundancy.
I will not be buying this game for the main reason of always being connected nonsense. Diablo 3 does the same thing and I did not buy that game either. You want my money? Build a game that players want, not what you [The Developer wants].

Rainy night at the cottage, might as well load up Simcity for a few hours, perfect place and time, right? - except..oh oh, no internet.

I understand the developer's need for anti-priacy mechanics to recoup loss revenues, but not at he expense of a player's enjoyment of forcing an 'aways-connected' play.

Then there's the social aspect of the game. Give me a break. I play simcity to exercise my brain not my jaw. I don;t want to be social. I want to be left alone in my own world, to let my creativity flow. I don't want or need people peeking in on or offering creative suggestions on how to improve my city.

Epic Fail.