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SimCity: The Three Biggest Influences on Art Style

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Find out how Maxis wants your giant small world to look


Mar 29, 2012 - 12:05 AM
The Youtube video "The Sandpit"* is exactly the way that I want SimCity to look, tilt shift to make it look miniature but not cartoonish. I want it to look more realistic than what they have as their concept art for now and I know that they are in the beginning stages of development but I just wanted to get my view across. If it looks like that, with what they say how the Glassbox engine is supposed to run I am going to be a very happy man.

*for those who did not see the video it is under the "tilt-shift photography" tab
for Youtube -
So I explained to my wife, "THIS is how you would expect SimCity to look like, so the developers are working to make the game look like THIS. :) "

I'm still... concerned about the "Online only/ Solo a region that is affected by all the other regions/ we won't call it DRM" aspect. Great eye-candy, though.
Mar 29, 2012 - 10:36 AM
I am absolutely flabbergasted.. if Sim City looks a fraction of what that video displays... its almost unreal...
srsly could not imagine multiplayer mode
If SimCity looks even remotely like this, I am going to pee myself.
I'm pretty sure what the author was talking about when he referred to tilt-photography was how this video was filmed and applying that to SimCity. So we would see the patterns in how the people move whether it be in cars, by foot, or by train. But personally I would be impressed if it looked that realistic.
Not a big fan of number 2: "

models use tricks with the scale". That was always the most annoying to me in SC4, especially the airport sizes etc.

More tilt-shift videos and discussion here :read:

Just to make it clear for everybody, these are simply rough estimates on how the game might visually feel like. Maxis had already said that they're going for a clean and stylized look, not hyper-real.
As nice as it would be, there's no game in any genre that will achieve this level of realism any time soon. But it is nice to dream about. . .