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SimCity Social

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We all know of those annoying games that feed off of the gullible fans of Facebook and I can bet we all thought that the Sims would end with the flop of Sims Social, but instead EA Games has butt its head in with SimCity Social.

Today I reviewed SimCity Social and was hammered to invite friends and buy more purple diamonds. Most photos you'll see of the game are idealized and so I took the liberty to take one myself.

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Unlike most city building games you'd find on Facebook SimCity Social has buildings that upgrade automatically when the area is more favorable.

Another more realistic aspect of this game is one that hits at random. A small home caught flame and my firehouse responded automatically by sending out an engine to extinguish the blaze.

All in all, this is still an annoying facebook game, but it definitely has a simcity feel.


i have absolutely no interest in trying this. Not willing to spam my friends with stupid "achievements" and there appeared to be no way to click that option off so I didn't even allow the app.
There was a way to exit out of it. I have not sent a single request to friends and don't have any updates on my profile. There should be a way around anything or else I would not advertise the game.
this game look awful, I wouldn't waste my time on it I give it minus five star
IMO it actually looks ok. For those who don't have access to SC4, but still want to play Sim City, (e.g. on a phone) it wouldn't be that bad. I know it's nothing like the real Sim City games, but it's a step beyond other Facebook games of the type.
This game would have been OK if it wasn't for the constant spam and purchase requests as well as having to click on buildings constantly to collect rent.
Jul 19, 2012 - 11:38 AM
This game is a train wreck at best.
As far as Facebook games go, it's perfectly decent. One oughtn't be misled by the name; it's absolutely not a Sim City game in the same sense as the others and oughn't be reviewed as such. Blasting a game explicitly designed to be a social game for being a social game seems a little unfair, especially while an actual Sim City is being developed at the same time.

Also, IIRC, SimsSocial is the fastest growing game on Facebook at the moment and is quite a success.
unfortunately the actual simcity is looking like it's going to be an explicitly social game and I'm definitely blasting it for that...
not to mention I just think it's ugly
As someone who actually enjoys the tidbit style of facebook games , its a great game. The mechanics never force you to buy diamonds. With some decent friends you can grow quickly and however you want. So Id say its good at what it is. Thats the key thing we all have to remember, games make money if there good to the people who use them.
Jul 20, 2012 - 12:31 AM
I tried the game... it was ok but after you get to where the ufo crashes, your pretty much stuck until you earn more diamonds or buy them (most likely the latter). idk i had more fun playing sim city creator on the wii than that game.
Not for us hardcore SimCity fans.
I played city ville for eighteen months and got really fed up with it, you are energy limited; you can wait for hours for the energy meter to fill and it will be gone in 30 secs!, i spent ages asking for bits from my fellow players and it took so long waiting for help- remodeling the city was a nightmare simply moving bits around caused the game to jam then crash, you had to spend normal money to buy game cash to buy enlargement vouchers (40 for a 12x12 enlargement), at first they wanted 1000 per enlargement then it rose to 5k per enlargement- i eventually gave up in despair and saved my pc from any more harm and quit.
Piece of advice to every one: Don't play these games!
Jul 30, 2012 - 03:57 PM

Not for us hardcore SimCity fans.

Hey there. No disrespect, but this hardcore fan doesn't agree. It's not SimCity, nor is it marketed that way. It's SimCity Social, probably designed to help market some buzz around the 2013 product. This is actually a good marketing move as they can use this platform to promote SC in 2013.

@skylerracer23, you don't need diamonds to play the game at all. They are optional. As a matter of fact, they have some easy to win challenges with the olympic buildings that allow you to earn diamonds as rewards along the way.

@cirugo, what specifically is ugly? The graphics / designs aren't bad at all. The are off-scale for sure, but I think that's intentional.
Aug 05, 2012 - 12:51 PM
It's bad as an actual SimCity game, but as a Facebook game It's decent.