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Simcity: Inside the Glassbox Engine

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PCGamer explains a little about the Glassbox engine, which was demonstrated at the GDC conference earlier today (videos are linked to here).

It seems that Maxis are taking a slightly different approach than previous iterations of SimCity - looking at the details in order to construct the big picture.


Another game that usurps the glorious name of SimCity. For those who like to build, organize and manage the city, another disappointment.After SimSocietes,Tropico,CitiesXL,etc.
Fortunately,the genius of the creators on Simtropolis,SimPeg and SC4Devotion make immortal SC4.
Thanks to you all Creators.
I know the graphics aren't final, and also that it's extremely early still; but this is SimCity Societies with a new name.
I don't this is like Societies at all. Can they fit it altogether, make it look smooth like the trailer depicts. The simulation part is superb.

Now just need to get to news on civics and other mayor tools. See how far the management of the city takes. The game seems more interactive with the introduction of resources, and look at and upgrading of civic and utility buildings.
I fail to see how this is anything like Societies
I forgot to add, here is another article from Rock Paper Shotgun about it going into more detail of multiplayer vs single player: http://www.rockpaper...axis-glass-box/
It's important to remember that GlassBox is just the engine form which the game will be built. At this point, we don't know what actual gameplay is going to be like. By all means, maintain healthy skepticism, and let's hold the devs' feet to the fire and not let another atrocity that was Societies end up bearing the SimCity moniker.

But really, it's premature to just outright dismiss the game at this stage.
like dirk said its just an example maxis most likely has not finished coding the zoning system and guys lets remember that maxis DID NOT CREATE SC SOCIETIES keep that in mind
lol,they didnt talk much about how the highways will be of how many lanes it can have up to, or how the Ave play its part of turning lanes and how many lanes it can have up to or even talk about bus systems to just about anything in the transit area, just curvy roads blah blah blah we got that like a million times
Do you know why? This is the GDC, the Game Developer Conference. This is where game devs share what they are working on and what they have worked on with other game developers. Game devs are not interested in highways or lane counts, that is for something like E3. This is about the engine, how it is structured, and how it works.
No forced co-operative gameplay of any sort... at all. That will be a game killer for me. I don't even mind DLC and having to stay connected to play. But forcing me to interact with others to progress will keep me from buying.
You are not forced to interact with other players. They have only mentioned that the "global economy" changes. What that exactly means is speculation at this point.
Agents... it's called 'agent based modelling' - this modelling paradigm has seen increased use in the recent two decades, in fields like Sociology, Geography, Biology and Physics. However, I fear it would take the most out of your machine, and require a serious upgrade.
I'm super excited for this game it has everything from SC4 and a bit more. There's nothing to do with SCS and Maxis is listening to the community in order to please as much as they can all types of players. It will be a great game I'm pretty sure.
I wouldn't say it's a new SCS but I also wouldn't say it's a new SC...it's something between these two...and that needn't be bad. For me, the main problem in SCS was, that you had to build each house by your own, there were no zones, and here, it seems like there are zones again, what's very great I think. It isn't that bad, that sims will be "clever".

I think, we should give the game (and MAXIS) a chance!
well, the fact that they do all these condultations mean they want to listen and find out what their fans want.

give Maxis a chance. Maxis did NOT create SCSocieties. In fact, if you read the Maxis consultation on reddit (a transcript is available on this site) they said they are not repeating SCSocieties. The Maxis team today are composed mostly of those who worked on SC2000 and SC4.

Above all, I am thankful they revived the Simcity franchise, and I think it is too early to judge them based on initial developments. :bunny: :blush:
they still have a year to work and sort out everything to perfection. by the looks of it I think they are doing the best they can.
Will require constant internet connection to play. Will have players participating in the "global" market whether they want to or not.
I will not buy this.