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SimCity - EA Showcase Interview

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Gillen McAllister caught up with Sim City's Associate Producer, George Pigula, at the recent EA Showcase event. There they discussed the hugely anticipated return of the city building franchise.



A Nonny Moose
Nov 21, 2012 - 09:47 AM
Now that is interesting. They really have something going, but the question is would you give up SC4? The answer is probably not if I can have both of them.
I see no need to give up SC4, this new simcity shows potential to grow as time goes on (I want bigger maps lol!).

Like you I would keep both games, and if over time SC2013 did grow into something deeper via expansions, enabled modding etc I would naturally start playing it more and maybee even play this more than SC4.

SC2013 has got a long road ahead of it before it can rival the depth of SC4, but I have no doubt it will grow in time an we will see a lot of expansions like Sims 3 (providing its popular enough) lol.
not at all impressed with the softball questions...Dirk you asked better questions than this