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SimCity announcement on the way?

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Maxis announcement confirmed for GDC

EA has promised to announce something new from Maxis at next month's Game Developers Conference, kicking off speculation that a new SimCity might be on the way.

The publisher is planning to live stream its GDC event on March 6. The upcoming reveal was first confirmed by EA PR boss Erik Reynolds, who tweeted: "MORE INFO! EA Maxis GDC announcement, huge event w/ special guests", shortly after the EA Game Changers website went live with a countdown

See more info at the link.


Oh dear. Not another claim for a SimCity 5...

Well, even if it is another SimCity, we can assume it will be another spin-off game similar to Societies. But still, we can only hope for SC5 to one day come, whether it be from EA/Maxis, or Buggi's "Boomtown."
yea, don't get your hopes up people!
You can still keep your hopes up... Sim City Societies was created by EA and another studio, not Maxis. Now that EA is bringing Maxis back, and since they focus virtually only on simulators, Maxis could make something real nice and possibly SC-related. As well, on EA's part, they've probably learned from the failure that is Sim City Societies, and thus would like to do something more in line with what SC4 was. For instance, look at EA's Battlefield series. BF2, which came out a little while after SC4 was your typical battlefield series, its what people wanted. The next game, BF:BC came out after BF2, people didn't like it as much, so with Battlefield 3, they got a new studio and made a game closer to what was seen in Battlefield 2. EA said they are "reviving classics", and they gave BF3 as an example of how they "revived" one of these classics, and made it into something true to it's most loved predecessor.
Feb 16, 2012 - 10:29 PM
well lets hope they do, I'd hate to see another disappointment from EA and maxis. Also I highly doubt they'll name it Sim City 5
I bet it's a Relaunch of The Sims Online.
Theres a clue on the facebook page now pretty much confriming that its not going to be SimCity
This is what is says:

How can we change the world together?

Find out when EA hosts the Game Changers event at GDC. What would you do if you had the power to change the world?
jdenm8: too true

Apart from this slightly disturbing/horrifying thought I'm all for whatever they put out, just as long as it involves minimal social networking :P
Well, I won't get my hopes up too much; it is EA after all. Still, it's quite interesnting and I will keep myself interested :O
So it's only on consoles?
I don't really want them to make a new simcity, best would just be to release the code so the experts here can upgrade SC4, instead of rendering almost 10 years of modding and batting obsolete overnight.
A Nonny Moose
Feb 17, 2012 - 10:50 AM
The emphasis appears to be on Consoles. A new PC game seems unlikely, mostly because the consoles have a different graphics system. The idea of full portability to all platforms would probably shatter skulls in EA's board room and engineering groups. They consistently ignore about 30% of the market that is not on Windows. This just means that they are satisfied to hold only most of the market.

This seems a little lame in view of modern capabilities that make conditional compiles for multiple platforms fairly easy. Since any PC game could be released on DVD, all platform versions could be included with only the specialized modules loaded as dynamic libraries when installation was done.

I can't believe they are unaware of this. They just don't want the slight extra expense. Greed will out.

All computers should have a standard operating environment with a standard interface whatever use they have. Hardware is fast enough now so that a standard decor is entirely possible. Specific lock-ins need to be avoided.
i here its a face book game... in my mind face book is the both the uprise and downfall of American society i cant stand face book i much rather talk to my friends over texting and see them i person. i much rather play any pc game the traditional way of either downloading it or buying a copy, and installing it to the hdd.

on the other hand face book is used by millions of people who haven't even herd of simcity so this might bring new horizons for fan sites such as simtropolis.

but i still think its not the best option for simcity because free online flash games cant really run with a 3D gfx unless its a donation for gold economy type game also i agree with nonny moose consoles arguably more popular than pc games at the moment

this is the only hope for simcity's future and it is in ea's hands..... ok make that no future. but i still put money on that buggi's boomtown will be better
Here's what Will Wright, former Maxis, was working on a few months ago; Sims Creator Will Wright Reveals Hivemind

So let's speculate a bit; Wright got lured back in by EA, which probably sees an enormous cashcow in some kind of Farmville-extraordinair. :noway:

Whatever it is, it'll be a far cry from SimCity. If only EA would release the source code, that's all we need really :whatevs:
§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo
Feb 17, 2012 - 01:00 PM
I really hope it'll be a true SimCity 5, that would make my year. But I don't want to get my hopes up. :cry:
Would not surprise me if it was a stripped down version for playing on a phone.
Yep, it's either a facebook game or a smartphone app. It definitely will not be a good city simulator. I agree with Wiecher, I don't want another SimCity, I just wish EA would give us the code since they are never going to do anything with it.
the fact that in a few weeks Sim City 4 will celebrate its 9th anniversary - yes, 9 YEARS - I am proud that no other city building game has topped SC4.
SC4 is the reason I bought a new computer and I can play this game for another 9 years...

I hope this announcement is SimCity-related -built on Facebook, PS3 and Xbox
I hope EA and Maxis visit this website to see how many loyal and new people are attracted to SC4

Im looking forward to this announcement. It is about time EA gives attention to SimCity
"Sim City Box" is *STILL* on the shelf at the local Wal-Mart for $20, and I can't see anyone buying it for SC: S.

I'd 'like' for EA to make a true SC5, but I won't hold my breath on it. And I'd rather the source code anyway to resolve stuff. But I've not played SC4 in a LONG time, and so much stuff to do, and I'd really rather full-up 3D. SC4's game play, CitiesXL 3d support, Civ V's technical engine... yeah, make a wish. :(
EA already released an iPhone version of Simcity 4. (Free Demo so you can try out all the features - goes for 3 Sim years then ends.) Not bad, but very limited. Try it! (when you're bored) Works on iPad and iPod Touch too.

My SimTourist idea (available in a Simtropolis forum thread, would be one way EA and Maxis could use SimCity 4, the Sims, and Facebook to "change the world" as they claim they want to. CityVille used some of my ideas but very few and its not the real idea. My SimTourist idea allowed for an open network port to allow each of us with SC4 to connect to each others to connect to our maps (cities), negotiate live neighbor deals, and to drive the streets and visit the buildings in each other's cities similar to the the Sims feel.

The new announced game may not be related to SimCity at all. And if it is, the likelihood of them getting it 'Right' is low. Meaning, I'm fairly positive ill remain playing SC4 and not what they release. But I hope they pleasantly surprise! It is practically impossible that they will make a new game thats backwards compatible to ALL the custom content our friends here have made for SC4.

I've never heard of this Boom City thing, but ill keep a watch for it.

It's fun to read all your guys' comments above.
Don't get your hopes up.
How about Spore 2? :P
3 copies of SimCity Box are still on the shelf at the local Bellingham Wal-mart. It appears to keep selling. What a delight it would be if EA were to offer some measure of gratitude towards SimTrop for keeping SC4 so fresh and alive by having SimTrop co-announce a serious SC5?
We don't know what this new game will be but it's sounding less and less likely that it will be "SimCity 5." It may be a SC variant like (*sigh) SC:Societies or not SC-related at all. I just get the sense that it won't be SC 5 (or whatever you might choose to call it).

I'm resigning myself more than ever that SC4 is the last of its kind. I suppose I can live with that, given all of the excellent modding by the community, but a new version would have been nice.
A Nonny Moose
Feb 22, 2012 - 01:50 PM
Actually, I'd settle for a maintenance bug-fix with no other changes. Of course ripping out UDI and maybe the whole My Sims area would help a lot.
It will probably be Hivemind created by Will Wright and his new gamestudio "Stupid Game Club". I would not get my my hopes up for a Simcity 5 release. Just my 2 cents
Cautiously optimistic.

Let's also hope this won't be an Origin-exclusive like Battlefield 3.