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SimCity 4 Maps of the Month 1#

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After checking the STEX many hours a month I've managed to get the 5 most popular maps into one top five.

Funny enough all maps were made by the same author, our moderator drunkapple!


Map 5 - Turku by drunkapple

Map 4 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam by drunkapple

Map 3 - Paris by Drunkapple

Map 2 - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky by Drunkapple

Map 1 - Nelson by Drunkapple

If you have suggentions to make these series better please let me know.


Awesome Idea!

Will find and download all these maps!
Great idea, and a useful one too!
Nice dude, will u make a video with top bats and mods also? Cheers