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Project Symphony by the NAM Team!

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Project Symphony is a project to change the Maxis Highways into something RHW-like. It will be more like an urban RHW when done.


wow another break through from the NAM team! what would simcity be with out them!
The next step in the RHW revolution is at hand, finally!
Yup along with Project 57 the Real Highway will be more realistic than ever!
Amazing work guys! I can't wait for the next NAM :)
Wonderful, who needs the new Simcity game when we have such great people still working on Sim city 4 with great projects such as this ...well done
Absolutely outstanding!!
And here comes the death of MHW!
A Nonny Moose
Nov 09, 2012 - 08:40 PM

And here comes the death of MHW!

Requiescat in pacem. Needed ever since the introuduction of RHW, and now evolving SC4 even further.

The long term success of the NAM team has guranteed the longevity of SC4.
I would like to say that I'm quite excited for Symphony...it is a real downer having to connect RHW to MHW with an avenue connection...I will buy the new SimCity "Societies 2", but SimCity 4 will remain my go to game for many more years to come
wait, so 4 lanes only? so it's a glorified maxis bypass avenue with a higher capacity?
also is there a way to make locale/express style frontage roads? nam did a good job with this on the maxis highway as there is a ramp with no tile gap inbetween. with the nam highway ramp a 1 tile gap is as small as i can get it.