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Ocean Quigley Talks About The Glassbox Engine

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On the SimCity official site, a developer blog has been set up. The first entry in the series was posted the other day, talking about some things inside the Glassbox engine (with accompanying video). It's a good read, and the developer blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Some older users may remember that something similar was done for SimCity 4 before release (unfortunately, they are no longer around). Personally, I'm quite pleased that they're taking the effort to explain game mechanics so early in development.

Link to developer blog on official site


I really like how this is looking. It means the new game will have 'functional eye candy'...as much as the lots in in SimCity 4 look great, they never really meant anything. You could only pretend that cars were being switched in a rail yard and people were eating outside in downtown, etc..

Half of SimCity 4 these days is pure eye candy with no function.
@ yoshiisland. You don't like to pretend stuff happens in your city? My cities are completely non-functional and everything that happens it what I pretend that happens. I hope this new engine lets you still build eye candy cities, just for the fun of it. I don't always want to conform to the game mechanics, but just build a nice city.
@Wiecher: Well I do enjoy pretending...it's sort of like a model railroad in that aspect. I just think it'll be a nice refresher to actually have more functionality for lots other than demand cap relief and jobs. The city will function one-to-one with the animations and that's great IMHO.
You know, I actually do have hope on the new Simcity. Keep up the great work Maxis! :)
It still looks like Glassbox is server code that only runs on their server machines. EA has been shutting down servers, including a game that had only been on sale for 14 months.

For my wife and I to both have a 'seat' at the game, and for both of us to enjoy the international packs on the pre-purchase, we have to spend $160 USD. Do I go on the basis of how well EA has supported SC4 over the last decade in my decision to trust EA to not bone us over the purchase of SC5 to enjoy for the next decade?
the video they provide in the link fills me with hope :O
It does look fascinating, a game I'd really like to play. I just want to know if the game would survive a decade as well as SC4 has.