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Ikea Is Building A Town

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we've all fallen in love with the sleek Scandinavian furniture that Ikea has brought us for many years, but what if you were to multiply that style by 27 acres and dozens of multistory buildings?

Ikea is building a 27 acre neighborhood on the outskirts of London, England which raises eyebrows.

Read about it HERE


ahaha....I see a crazed man with an allen key disassembling an entire city :P

This has to happen.

In not ridiculous news, this is either a marvellous step forward or a not so great look into the future. Because I don't want to live in Jims Mowington.
Boy- show offs- Here in Colorado we have a furniture company called American Furniture Warehouse that sells mostly American stuff. Does that mean they should build there own town to get help selling furniture? Nope- They don't need help- If Ikea needs to build there own neighborhood to get peoples attention, they aren't worth anything. Shame on them.
You can hardly call them show-offs, as IKEA has practically created a genre of furniture synonymous with many other brands. The neighborhood just showcases this widespread style...
Apr 16, 2012 - 12:02 PM
The worst master planned community ever.
[Forget it, I should learn to read]
I love the idea and the furniture, I really do, but I am eternally turned off the actual shop after spending five consecutive hours there - literally...