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Building naming contest

- - - - -
Just text “SIMCITY” to 44144 and enter your idea to name a diner


Is it possible to text with out a phone?
Jun 06, 2012 - 09:32 AM
You can always use Google Voice.

Is it possible to text with out a phone?

The details are on the SIMCITY web site I just thought I'd help get people in to it if I'd put it here
ugh, thanks for adding the competition >.>

Mine is Dayne's Dandy Diner
Text "simcity" to 0036 if you like my diner name!
llama Bobs!
I should text "Benny's Burger Shack" or "Phil's Frosty Delights" to the number - since it already looks a helluva lot like those aforementioned BAT creations which I've already done...-[[